Power Wheels are the ultimate ride on toys and have been around since 1971.  So Fisher Price knows a thing or two about producing high quality battery powered ride on toys.  Every car model goes through rigorous lab tests and are backed by a One Year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty!  There are many power wheels for girls models to fit every age category from 12 Months up, with ease of operation and a few small safety precautions your girls will have years of fun with there new battery operated cars and will create life long memories for the family to cherish!


The fascination of driving starts at a very early age, our kids see us do it on a daily basis and always want to imitate what they see.  Fisher-Price battery powered cars offer a realistic driving experience in a very simplistic manner.  With more and more models being made each year there are so many choices of these battery operated vehicles it makes choosing the perfect one for your girl or grand-daughter that much tougher.  Thats where we come in, to break down all models of Power Wheels For Girls so you can make the best decision on your purchase that will guarantee a smile!

Fisher Price Power Wheels come in a large variety of sizes and colors.  And as you will see that the Girls Power Wheels also come in favorite girls themes such as Princess, Barbie, Dora, Convertibles, mustangs, SUV’s, and ATV’s.  So suiting your babies personality is easy to accomplish.

There are just a few key factors to look into when choosing Power Wheels for girls.   Take notice of the Age range each car is produced for, the Weight limit the car can carry, and the battery size.  Also read others reviews of the cars as some vehicles perform better on different terrains, for example the Monster Traction Power Wheels have proven to be top performers on grass and almost any surface, were as models with smaller wheels have a tough time moving on grass and really only ride well on hard areas.


So thank you for visiting our site, any and all information you need to make an informed decision on choosing the perfect battery power car for you little girl can be found here.   Take your time and browse around, your making a good decision in choosing a Power Wheels For Girls they will love you to death for it! 



Barbie KFX ATV Girls Power Wheel Review








The Barbie KFX ATV power wheel for girls is an excellent choice for any girl. I would like to spend some time reviewing its options, advantages and disadvantages as well as share some comments from others who have purchased this vehicle.

General Overview of the Barbie KFX ATV:

  • Battery Size = 12 volt
  • Max Weight Limit = 65 lbs
  • Assembly Required = Yes (consists of attaching handle bars, wheels and stickers)
  • Max Speed = 2.5 MPH or 5 MPH (5 MPH is a seperate wire connection and can be easily disabled for younger inexperienced riders)
  • Run Time on Full Charge = 14 to 18 hours depending on riders weight and riding terrain

Advantages Review of the Barbie KFX ATV:

The Barbie ATV has a very aggressive looks yet still compliments little girls with its pretty Barbie Pink color and graphics. It comes with the Monster Traction Series Tires (13.5 inches) which are great for all terrains, including grass, gravel, dirt, mud, you name it and it will go on it! The 12 volt battery with the variable speed is a great feature and easy to use, being able to boost the speed up as your girl becomes more comfortable riding the car really brings back there interest as going 2.5 MPH can get a bit boring after a while, especially for kids that are a little older. With this being a quad instead of a sit down type car, there is much more room for older or maybe just taller kids to ride the vehicle comfortably and have plenty of room to grow, from my research I find leg room in other power wheels models to be an issue with the taller girls. The Barbie ATV is very easy to control and has great steering control, easily turns on the spot and doesn’t require a huge area to do so.
Great value for the price.

Disadvantages Review of the Barbie KFX ATV:

There isn’t really anything bad that I can think of about this Power Wheel for girls, other than maybe the weight limit, 65 lbs is on the low end when compared to other models, but that still isn’t bad really, considering your average 4 year old is porbably between 35 – 45 lbs, the 65 lb limit is still a ways off and leaves room to grow. Another draw back possibly is even though it does have Monster Traction tires and goes very well in grass and gravel, it does have some spinning issue when going up paved inclines, due to the hard plastic tires, and amount of torque, this is not an issue if the incline is hit while rolling, but comes into play when stopping in the middle of an incline and then trying to resume.

Others Reviews of the Barbie KFX ATV:

I have researched and read reviews on the Barbie ATV from many, many websites so you don’t have to, this battery ride on consistently gets 5 star ratings, over and over again. There are numerous reviews from parents who have purchased this vehicle for girls ranging from 2 years old all the way up to 7 year olds. Most are amazed at how well there daughters fit the vehicle with initial worries that their girls may be too big. Constant rave about the traction and its ability to go in grass and dirt where other power wheel models fail. There are a lot of remarks on how long the battery lasts, and how great the variable speed is. 9.5 out of 10 buyers think that they made an excellent choice in choosing the Barbie KFX ATV.

So all and all you cannot go wrong with the Barbie KFX ATV, the proof is in all the consumer reviews out there displaying the high marks for this battery powered ride on.

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